The Dairy Industry is in Smart Hands

Read some more about the Smart Irrigation Challenge we ran for the Australian Dairy Leadership Alumni with the Gardiner Foundation in December 2017!

Check out the video here.


beanstalks November newsletter is on aquaculture!

Keep up to date with the latest on AgTech in Australia & Asia


beanstalks October newsletter is out

Keep up to date with the latest on AgTech in Australia & Asia

Powering Growth: Realising the Potential of Agtech for Australia - Startup AUS


The most comprehensive report to date covering the potential for the future of the AgTech industry in Australia.

Released by Startup AUS in September 2016.


Factory Fresh: The Future of Agriculture - The Economist Technology Quarterly

A great snapshot of the progress being made in most of the AgTech sub sectors, with examples of the leading startups in each sector from across the globe. 

Released by The Economist in Q2 2016

Agricultural Competitiveness White Pape - Australian Government


In June 2015 the Australian government released an agricultural competitiveness paper covering 5 key themes:

  1. A fairer go for farm businesses
  2. Building the infrastructure of the 21st century
  3. Strengthening our approach to drought and risk management
  4. Farming smarter
  5. Accessing premium markets.

If you are game, here is the full 152pg report - but I recommend you dip your toe in first by reading the 12pg summary of the key takeaways


Organically Grown and Genetically Engineered: The Future of Food

He is an organic farmer, she is a genetic scientist - husband and wife power couple Pamela Ronald & Raoul Adamchack talk about the potential for combining the best of organic farming with the latest in genetic engineering technology. They put forward a compelling argument for combining these two technologies that should be best friends but to date have been pitted against each other as enemies. 

If you like this talk then check out their book called Tomorrow's Table. Pamela also has a neat little TED talk if you don't have 100mins to spare.