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cal foulner

Cal has dedicated his career to using technology and scalable business models to solve real world problems, in particular how to feed 10 billion people with less inputs on a healthy planet.

Cal has had a varied and entrepreneurial career to date, working across international borders, running teams remotely in a number of sectors including international development, philanthropy, agriculture, and technology.


will taing

With more than half of people in most Asia-Pacific countries still directly engaged in agriculture, William firmly believes that there is significant potential for positive social and environmental impact through engaging exponential technologies and commercially scalable business models in the region.

William held senior positions in agricultural strategy, policy, inbound international investment, trade facilitation, industry development and resources management. William has worked across the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on China. He led the State Premier's first official delegation, and was China Desk Manager for inbound foreign direct investment.


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Brian was a venture capitalist at EDB Investments, a Singapore late-stage VC Fund, where he managed companies in the diverse Cleantech sector. Subsequently, he worked with a tech commercialisation firm and a family VC focusing on Agtech and Food innovations.

Brian has held research and engineering positions. He was previously a project engineer at Rio Tinto Alcan, and in the French centre for atomic energy (CEA).



Karensa leverages her expertise and professional experiences across science, education, R&D innovation, policy advisory, investment and (international) market place development to support progressive and sustainable agricultural supply chains, businesses and industries.

Working with rural industry organisations, government and the commercial sector, including small-medium enterprises, the initial focus was dairy with the principles and intelligence readily applied and adapted across broader agriculture sectors.

Mike K . JPG.JPG


Mike has had significant experience in working with rural industry both with research organisations and individual farm business. This has included applied economic research, project management, training and software development.

Mike is also currently the Director of P2PAgri and Collaborative Farming Australia.

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